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Alan Urbanek   The Choir of the University of Wroclaw GAUDIUM has acted since 1983. It is formed mainly by the students of University of Wroclaw and of other Wroclaw's academies. The Choir's founder and its first conductor was Mieczysław Matuszczak, and since 1993 the Choirs artistic manager is Alan Urbanek.

Alan Urbanek The choir was conducted by such outstanding conductors as K. Masur,J. Maksymiuk, J. Kasprzyk, L. Botstein and M. Pijarowski. It also cooperates with choirs of Jagiellonian University and University of Warsaw. It has performed, inter alia, in Germany, Russia, Greece, Austria, Finland, France, Italy, Hungary and Lithuania. In 2002 the Choir sang in a series of concerts dedicated to memory of victims of World Trade Centre attack. In the Choir's repertoire there are such great works as Creation of the World by J. Haydn, Stabat Mater and Harnasie by K. Szymanowski, Ludzmierz Vespers by J. K. Pawluśkiewicz, Missa Pro Pace by W. Kilar, Requiem Mass in D Minor by W. A. Mozart and Misa Criolla by A. Ramirez, as well as unique works: Liturgia Domiestica by A. Grechaninov, Mystery of Sacred Cross by A. Nikodemowicz, Litany to the Holy Ghost by Z. Kozub and Requiem by L. Cherubini.

Alan Urbanek The Choir has won many prestigious awards: Wrocław Music Award, the first place at the International Choir Festival in Moscow, a silver medal at the International Choral Competition in Athens, bronze diploma at the International Choral Competition in Budapest, and a special award at the International Festival of Orthodox Church Music in Hajnowka.

Alan Urbanek Choir GAUDIUM has in its output many CD's, inter alia, recordings of a concert conducted by J. Kasprzyk in Wroclaw during the International Festival Wratislavia Cantans and Krakow conducted by S. Gałoński, L. Van Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Grechaninov's Liturgia Domestica with the international cast of soloists, Missa Gospel's by W. Szomański, G. Faure's Requiem and cantatas św. Jadwiga Patronka Porozumienia by M. Gąsieniec (recording made during a concert in Charlotte, USA).

  The book "With joy through twenty years" ("Z radością przez dwudziestolecie") is devoted to the Choir's history, published by the Silesia publisher on the occasion of the Choir's twentieth anniversary.