(1923 - 2001)

  In 1958-1971 Mr. Mieczysław Matuszczak led and conducted the Choir of the University of Wroclaw. In 1972 he founded the chamber music band 'Madrygaliści Wrocławscy' (Wroclaw Madrigals) at the Wroclaw University of Technology. In 1983 he became the artistic director of the reactivated Choir of the University of Wroclaw and held this position until 1992. This is a part of Jerzy Semków's memories about him:
 "I met Mieczyslaw in 1960, when, as a student, I came to the Choir of the University of Wroclaw. He was for us, at that time young people, an unquestionable connoisseur of music, who exacted his musical arguments with high culture. [...] In the course of time we also found in him a close friend, who, in spite of this familiarity, has not lowered his demands and successfully led our singing group during the 60s. Mieczysław was a modest person, devoted to his work to such an extent, that he managed not only to keep the constantly increasing number of choir members, but also to win the new ones. [...]
 When in 1983 I hit on an idea to become an active choir member again, after several years of break, and to come back to my youthful passions, Mieczyslaw did not hesitate a single minute and decided to be at the head of our reactivated band. At that time he was already a highly experienced conductor, still he was an insatiable enthusiast. More and more often he suffered from his weakened heart. We have agonized over his heart attacks together with him. When the most difficult moment - the surgery - came, several people donated blood to save Mietek at least in this way. The situation of our parting in 1993 was difficult and even dramatic for many of us; after the surgery the doctors forbade Him conducting, which He loved with all His heart. For a long time He could not reconcile himself to this state.
 On Monday, August the 27th, 2001 we said the last good-bye at the Grabiszynski Cemetery."

 Source: 'With joy throughout the 20th century. The jubilee book of Gaudium - the Choir of the Univeristy of Wroclaw', edited by Milica Semków, Maria Kulewska, Jerzy Semków and Zofia Semków, Silesia Publishing House, Wrocław 2003.